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Keep love alive: warm Mayflower, Thanksgiving Mother's Day

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In modern society, women take on a variety of roles. They are girls, women in the workplace, but also can be wives, mothers, in so many roles, people still retain the word mother love, patience, pay and other labels. This is a standard definition for a mother or expectant mother.

However, the role of mother should not be a burden, because women have children, just have such a name, which makes them understand the meaning of love and life. But at the same time, they still call to be their "undefined" selves.

In the traditional definition, a mother might look like this -

pregnant in October, giving birth once, caring for years. Sacrifice a job or a promotion for a husband and children. ...

In fact, the mother can also live a "different"

left hand career, right hand cute baby.

Balancing work, childbearing and parenting, they are increasingly confident, relaxed and refined. Can go to the classroom, can go down the kitchen;

Change the homework, do the tabloid;

Understand the piano and chess, will get painting and calligraphy;

Can dance, can tell the story

Can search the guideline, can find the scenic spots;

Can pay for school, can pay for groceries. ..

In fact, a good mother does not have to follow the traditional definition, a good mother can also live a very Brave, curious, energetic!

Let life be easy, confident and courageous.

Thanksgiving Mother's Day, the best gift is to wish the world mother, do in your mind.