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Ever-Rising in Pet World Arabia 2024 Dubai

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On April 22-23, 2024, the annual Pet World Arabia Fair was held in Dubai, UAE, with more than 100 companies from China, Turkey, Russia, India, Poland, South Africa and other exhibitors. Our company Inner Mongolia Ever-Rising Import & Export Co., Ltd. received buyers from many countries in the S3A123 booth for two days. Through the comparison of the first sense of the cat litter products, our products have been recognized in the aspects of fine dust and rapid agglomeration, and we also discussed the internal product advantages of our company with buyers and agents:微信图片_202404271313121.jpg

First, our factory is located in Ningcheng County, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, the hometown of bentonite in China. The company has its own bentonite mine, which can strictly screen raw materials.

Second, the factory established China's first fully automatic cat litter production line, strict control of product quality, especially in the dust removal to optimize the multi-way dust removal process, to solve our pet worries.

Third, we are very close to jinzhou, Dalian and Tianjin Port, which can effectively shorten the shipping time and has a certain cost advantage.

Finally, our company has a professional after-sales team to provide you with free services for all problems in product consultation, ordering, shipping, and use, and to give you the most reasonable solution in the first time.

 In just two days, we also conducted effective communication and learning with China's well-known pet food, smart cat litter box, air purifier and other pet products manufacturers, and strive to make Ever-Rising a global supplier of full range of pet supplies.

Ever-Rising, your reliable supplier for pet supplies ! Born to be Global service !