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A warm welcome Bangladesh partners came to visit our company !

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On May 27, 2024, our company chairman of Ever-Rising Group Ms. Vicky Wang, and Dr. Qi, technical director of HZM welcomed three guests from Bangladesh, including Mr. Azmal, a legend of Bangladesh feed industry, Bangladesh powerful agent Rx Nutrivets Dr. Nishat, Dr. Hasan.  They tasted the pure beef and mutton hot pot of Inner Mongolia and the local drink seabuckthorn juice, and I was full of praise.


On May 28, she led the customer to visit HZM headquarters and had in-depth technical exchanges and discussions. Dr. Hasan and Mr. Azmal explained in detail the current situation of the Bangladesh feed market and the comparison after the application of our products, and praised our product technical capabilities. At the same time, we also discussed the technical principle and application plan of the products, and how to adjust to a better plan. After lunch, Vicky Wang led the customer to visit the production base, from raw materials to all details of production, and carried out detailed communication. 

After returning to Chifeng, Ms. Vicky Wang arranged her family to meet with three Bangladesh brothers, even though it's first meet, but it seems close family members, after took photo, Ms. Vicky Wang  invited customers tasted the authentic barbecue of Chifeng. In the relaxed atmosphere, they talked about the management way of enterprise development, cultural differences, humanity, quality and so on.

On May 29, we sent three VIP guests to Airport for next city. The short separation is for a better encounter, our company will, as always, strive to provide quality products and services, let us grow together, jointly lift, become a more mission oriented enterprise, and contribute to the health of feed!