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Auspicious snow and good harvest in 2024

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Every New beginnings come from some other beginnings' end.     

On December 22, 2023, the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution by consensus, designating the Spring Festival (Lunar New Year) as a United Nations holiday. The Spring Festival has officially become a United Nations holiday, which fully demonstrates the spreading power and influence of the Chinese civilization and will actively promote exchanges and mutual learning among different civilizations in the world. From Africa to South America, from the Empire State Building to the Sydney Opera House, Chinese New Year is blowing around the world.

With a strong festive atmosphere, Inner Mongolia Ever-Rising Import and Export Co., Ltd. welcomed the first batch of foreign customers of the Chinese Dragon Year, CV UNION OStindo from Indonesia . With the joint cooperation of both parties, CV Union Ostindo's pet market in Indonesia has grown rapidly, from the initial two cabinets to the current 20 cabinets per month in only two years, which is the return of Mr. Setiawan's team efforts to develop the market, and also reflects the solid backing of Ever-Rising. Ever-Rising Group will continue to provide customers with quality products and services.


The main purpose of CV Union Ostindo's trip was to conduct field visits to cat litter factories and feed additive factories, and exchange views on the launch and market development of new cat litter. Ms. Wang Dongmei, Chairman of the board, and Mr. Zhao Huilong, general manager, accompanied the whole trip. During the visit, when the snow was blowing in Chifeng, Ever-Rising Group let the foreign partners experience skiing and ice sports, and tasted the traditional Inner Mongolia hot pot and local food in the cold winter, so that Mr. Setiawan and his family were full of praise. There is an old saying in China, "Auspicious snow and good harvest". We wish Ever-Rising Group and CV Union Ostindo a fruitful cooperation in 2024.

Ever-Rising President Mrs. Wang and CEO Mr. Zhao led partners to visit Bentonite  Cat Litter  factory.  

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President Mrs. Wang and CEO Mr. Zhao Invite partners to taste Mongolian specialties and Mongolian songs and dance. 




President Mrs. Wang Led partners to enjoy skiing.