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Ever-Rising in Egypt

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From October 10 to October 18, 2023, Chairman Wang Dongmei stepped into Egypt, the territory of ancient civilization, and was invited to participate in the Egypt International Poultry Exhibition. Under the leadership of agents, she visited the local feed mill and fully communicated with them on the use and effect direction of products, local payment methods and other details. 

During the exhibition, agents placed orders directly to other countries in the Middle East. This is also a trust in Ever-Rising. Chairman Wang promised that Ever-Rising will be the strongest backing of agents, will provide customers with the best cost-effective products, and will do its best to find high-quality product resources for customers. 



In his spare time, the head of the agent Hyber All Pharmaceuticals accompanied Chairman Mrs. Wang and the other Chinese suppliers to visit the Egyptian pyramids and Sphinx, one of the eight wonders of the world, and the largest pharaonic museum.