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Warmly welcome Thailand Lansin Group team to visit!

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On August 15, 2023, Neera, president of Lansin Group, Thailand and team members visited Inner Mongolia Ever-Rising Import & Export Co., Ltd., Lansin Group is the second largest activated bleaching earth supplier in Thailand and occupies an important position in the oil bleaching industry in Thailand. In the past, the cooperation with Ever-Rising was only experimental, and recognized Ever-Rising's products very much, so they led team to the factory for field visits to provide a factual basis for the in-depth cooperation between the two sides.


On the day of the visit, the two sides respectively made in-depth exchanges on the business sectors involved in the company, the company's market situation and the overall situation of the industry. Ms. Wang Dongmei, chairman of Ever-Rising Company, Mr. Liu Buyun, general manager of the factory, and Qi Guoyou, technical director, led customers to visit the detailed production process of activated bleaching earth from raw materials to finished products. The two sides also held professional discussions, which increased confidence for further cooperation.

Subsequently, Ms. Wang Dongmei, chairman of Ever-Rising, and Liu Buyun, general manager of the factory, invited members of Lansin Group to enjoy Inner Mongolia Hot Pot, mellow bone soup, fat beef and mutton, and delicious seasonal vegetables, which made Thai friends feel the enthusiasm and sincerity of Inner Mongolia people.


After the lunch, Ms. Wang Dongmei, chairman of Ever-Rising, led the Lansin Group team to visit the largest bentonite cat litter factory in Inner Mongolia. The Lansin Group team praised the company greatly and had great interest in the rapid development of the pet industry.


President Neera said that she is looking forward to more cooperation in the future, and Wang Dongmei, chairman of Ever-Rising, also said that we will continue to provide better and more stable products to customers and create a better tomorrow with partners.