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Warmly welcome Carbon Vietnam Investment Co., Ltd to visit Ever-Rising’s Ningcheng Foundry Bentonite production base

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25 July 2023, Carbon Vietnam Investment Co., Ltd. Sales representatives Nguyen Van Anh and Huynh Huu Hoa visited Inner Mongolia Ever-Rising's Ningcheng Foundry bentonite production base and made a site visit to the factory. They had a preliminary understanding of the Metal China exhibition in Tianjin in May 2023. High-quality mine resources and advanced foundry technology, good industry development prospects are important reasons to attract customers to visit.  Mrs. Wang Dongmei, chairman of the company, Mr. Zhao Huilong, general manager of the factory Mr. Zhang Wenhan and other relevant personnel accompanied and warmly received them throughout the whole process, and successively led customers to visit the laboratory, raw ore, sodium workshop, grinding workshop, finished product warehouse. High-quality products, sophisticated equipment, advanced technology and abundant bentonite mineral sources have won the recognition and praise of customers. And according to the performance indicators of the product carried out detailed technical communication, at the same time for the industry information and Vietnam's overall development trend, and Chinese brands in the Vietnamese market positioning, marketing strategy to do a full discussion and exchange, said that we both will establish a long-term cooperative relationship in future.