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Foundry bentonite ER-Clay


  • Description:Green Sand bond materials. ER-Clay bentonite is the world standard for high-quality, activated sodium bentonite. ER-Clay is used in all green sand molding applications ranging from the production of iron and steel castings to the production of non-ferrous castings.

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Product description 

ER-Clay is used as a binder for molding sand in the casting industry. It has the characteristics of high strength, good air permeability, strong sand clamping ability and so on. The product has high montmorillonite content, high temperature resistance and good thermal stability. It can improve the reusability, reduce the water content of sand system, enhance the strength of molding sand, so as to greatly improve the surface finish of casting, dimensional accuracy, reduce the rate of reject, and solve the problems of casting sand clamping, scarring, incomplete casting , porosity and sand type collapse. 


Product Range of Application 

Malleable cast iron pipe fitting

Grooved pipe fitting

Plumbing fittings

Municipal casting

Motor housing

Railway castings

Auto spare parts casting

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