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Crystal cat litter


  • Description:Captain Meow crystal cat litter made from silica gel,it has millions of small poers that basorb moisture instantly and lock odorinside.crystal cat litter are spherical or sand-like,smaller size makes it up to 80% lighter than tra ditional litters. relevant lab data shows that our crystal cat litters are 99.9% dust-free.crystal cat litter is soft enough and can protect your cat`s tender paw,it is no harm to cats 、human and is divided into non-clumping crystal cat litter and clumping crystal cat litter.the appearance is irregular shape granular , particle size include:1mm-8mm,0.8mm-3.0mm,0.5mm-2mm .

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Product Introduction


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01 Instant absorbing

Silica gel cat litter is made of silica gel. It has millions of small pores that absorb moisture instantly and lock odor inside.

02 Light weight

Silica cat litter are spherical or sand-like. Smaller size makes it up to 80% lighter than

traditional litter.

03 Dust free

Test by independent labs show our silica gel litters are 99.9% dust-free. This can protect

the urinary and respiratory system of your cats and it’s friendly to cat parents.

04 Trackless

Silica gel keeps its shape and stays dry to touch. It does not become soft or wet. This

makes it trackless.

05 Easy to operate

You don’t need to replace it with any new cat litter only if 70% of the cat litter is discolored. You only need refill once a month.

06 Eco-friendly

It is no harm to cats, human and environment. 


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