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Dust free activated carbon bentonite cat litter


  • Description:Captain Meow dust free crushed activated carbon bentonite cat litter made from natural sodium bentonite mineral,add active carbon content super deodorizing antibacterial,to prevert the bacterial growth of odor, It can adsorb waste by 350%,quick water absorption and strongly clumping, just easily scoop up.innovative dust removal technology to enture the low dust of the product .the appearance is irregular shape granular ,Particle size is 0.5mm-2.2mm.  adopt the international most advanced production processing technology,make its coagulation force,deodorization to teach the best effect,let you clean cat sand,more relaxed and convenient.

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Product Introduction


Product Advantages 

Hard clumping and strong odor control 

Low dust and eco-friendly

Consumption saving 

100% natural , safe and healthy

 Anti-bacterial and flushable 

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