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Pine wood cat litter


  • Description:Captain Meow pine wood cat litter is a new type of environmentally friendly cat litter.high temperature comperssion of pine particles have a sorong absorption capacity,instant absorption,an basorb its weight 3 times.rosin ingredients in natural pine have a bactericidal effect,which releases a touch of pine woody notes.after use,it can be used for flushing,can be burned,can be buried.the appearance is cylindrical shape granular ,the diameter is 3mm,the lenth is 1.5-2mm .

Product Details

          Product Introduction


Product Advantages 

 (1) Good water absorption effect. 

(2) Less odor. 

(3) Low loss rate and long service life. 

(4) Easy to use, it can be discarded or flushed into the toilet after it becomes a powder. 

(5) It is claimed to reduce the incidence of FUS feline lower urinary tract syndrome.

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